See No Evil 2 Teaser (Mask: New Freeze) [x]

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Ladies and gentlemen, three times Emmy nominee Sarah Paulson.

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pray to yu yevon 
dream fayth
forever and ever
grant us prosperity
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The Soska Sisters (American Mary, See No Evil 2) will direct an adaptation of the comic Painkiller Jane.

The character was created by by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada for an Event Comics mini-series in 1995. It was preciously used as the basis for a Syfy move in 2005 and TV series in 2007.

Painkiller Jane centers on the titular heroine, a cop, who, along with with her best friend and partner, goes undercover into an interconnected drug ring.  When Jane’s identity is exposed, her subsequent torture leaves her with preternatural regenerating abilities and a high tolerance for pain.

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Alaska on Fashion Photo RuView

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Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

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Ned produced Robert’s letter. “Lord Varys, be so kind as to show this to my lady of Lannister.” The eunuch carried the letter to Cersei. The queen glanced at the words. “Protector of the Realm,” she read. “Is this meant to be your shield, my lord? A piece of paper?” She ripped the letter in half, ripped the halves in quarters, and let the pieces flutter to the floor.

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Used by Lightning, the gunblades are capable of both melee and long-range use. Sergeant Major Amodar mentions that Lightning’s initial weapon, the Blazefire Saber, is a weapon only used by the most skilled soldiers.

texture credit, gunblade animation

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